October 28 2023 - Full Moon in Taurus, Partial Lunar Eclipse

2023 October 28

Full Moon in Taurus, Partial Lunar Eclipse

creative expression • feminine essence • effortless magic

This full moon brings out the inner divine feminine in us all. Tap into her power by maintaining your own inner harmony and peace. Solitary completion of any intentions are empowered through unconscious, undisturbed focus and flow.

Preparations and due diligence is highly regarded. What is seeded now will come to fruition whether favorable or not. Be mindful of your words. ‘Be careful what you wish for’ Eclipse energy of this Full Moon reminds us to stay present and allow authentic and natural laws to unfold without much disturbance on your part. Let it be. What is done, is done. Futuristic expression of what will be is now. Look around you.

The Mercury and mars conjunction in Scorpio may trigger feelings of an intense nature to be outspoken about something that has been hidden beneath the surface for too long -

[a situation of hostility can be brewing. Words should be carefully and mindfully spoken now. Intensity of negative energies can create feelings of being unhinged, or crazed are bound to manifest if the existing conditions are not in harmony.]

maintain harmony, balance and stay focused on your intention when you speak on this situation, remove ego and self grandiose. Remember who you are, separate from yourself. Your true essence is Love. Mirror that energy into your intention and allow the white light vibration of the source to transmute into a higher, more useful energy for all parties involved. The outcome will be resolution.


Stay in your divine feminine power.  Less is more. Love emanates from within…

Your intuition is crown + heart + third-eye energy

Remove yourself from the equation and allow your divine intuition to feel during this time. As the noise gets louder, we should become quieter.


Love, Light & Infinite Magic

Lylith Aradia Moon

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