April 20 to April 22 2023 Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Taurus

April 20 to April 22 2023 Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Taurus 

Go with the Flow ~ Transition with Ease 

As the new moon transits through Taurus…we are easily able to slip into the flow state of just BEing. Allow this time to re energize, renew and reset. Do not put too much physical energy into anything during this time. Small details may be worked out/cleaned and released. 

Clean up your active space at home or work and light an incense or candle. The time is right for simple relaxed meditation. 

With the moon, sun, n node, mercury and uranus in Taurus - we are feeling the need to get domesticated~ the goddess energy is at a high. Thoughts and focus are clear and easily attained. Tune in~ Allow your energy to be your love language. 

Reserve your manifestations and initiative drive to change anything major now - allow transitions to happen organically and easy. If it requires too much force, just let it be for now.  Stay in grace + beauty and go with the flow during this time.


Stay in the positive flow and enjoy the ride 

xo Lylith Aradia Moon

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