March 23 to March 25 2023 - New Moon in Taurus, Mars Transit

As the New Moon transits into Taurus we are given a solid foundation for our intentions to flourish. This is a good time to reflect on where we want to go in our own personal lives. The seeds have been planted, any effort made towards progress will be amplified and put into motion. How this will look and be accomplished is important to you during this time, so you may find yourself expressing these new energies with an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ expression. Empowering yourself and doing what makes you feel good now - will further align with your physical manifestations over the next 3 months. Think baby steps, starting with self care.


Mars is expressing its final energy Gemini right now, so we want to be extra mindful with our words. We want to avoid combative conversations with our inner dialogue and with others. This energy can trigger areas of your inner world that are sensitive; be kind, be reflective and reserve your energy at this time.


Mars in Cancer has the opportunity to bring your energy inward for self reflection and personal transformation


As Mars transits from Gemini to Cancer March 25 - any situations that arose from Gemini will be sensitive for you now. If you found yourself at war with yourself or others, deep guilt and depression will be apparent. These triggers will be brought to the surface by early or past life traumas. It’s important to work through them in Mars highest expression.


If Mars has transited out of Gemini in your favor you will find yourself retreating into a place of peace, confidence and a personal evolution of inner healing that will be taking place. This healing will allow you to continue your path towards your journey over the next three months with less obstacles, low vibration energies in and surrounding you. Feelings of increased awareness and clarity surrounding your next phase of life will be solidified. A wave of calm and zen in the midst of a chaotic world will elevate you and those around you.


Stay in the positive flow and enjoy the ride

xo Lylith Aradia Moon


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