Mercury Retrograde 4/21 - 5/14 2023

Mercury Retrograde 4/21 - 5/14 2023

Mercury Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Mars Sextile Mercury

Mercury Conjunct N Node

Your higher self is connected during this retrograde. Receiving what feels like downloads of information regarding new and inventive ways of living; philosophy, intuition, new ideas and downloads of psychic information are easily received and transferred quickly and may feel like adhd during this retrograde. Use this as an opportunity to be inspired. Keeping your outside sources of information and distractions at a minimum, [limited phone,internet,tv] to be as connected with your higher mind as possible to prevent burn out and overloads during this transit. 

Your connections will shift from higher learning and unlocking of new information, quickly to finances and resources over the next few days. Be prepared and proactive in your personal life to avoid any surprises in these areas.

Mercury is retrograde in the 9th house then transits into the 8th house in the western hemisphere on April 25th where it will remain until May 14th 2023 when Mercury will conjunct your north node. 

You can use this retrograde as an opportunity to self-reflect, connect with your higher self and practice mindfulness. Ideas and information received during this transit will pull your closer and give insight to your soul's destiny in this life. Keep your eyes open! Avoid procrastination and stay on top of things to flow through this retrograde and use it to your advantage. 

✨Stay in the positive flow and enjoy the ride ✨

xo Lylith Aradia Moon

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