November 13, 2023 - New Moon in Scorpio

November 13 2023

New Moon in Scorpio [fixed water]

Domicile: Mars

Detriment: Venus

Rules the Sacral+Root Chakra

Hidden Revelations

Pluto / Mars / Moon

4th Ray Moon

Relationships - Disillusionment - New Moon

Endings / New Beginnings 

Renewal - Light-bearer / Seeker of Truth will Rise

For the positive transformation of humanity - an opportunity of great change and growth.

Death and rebirth

This new moon in Scorpio will allow an opportunity for a ‘shedding of the skin’ release, renewal and rebirth. 

The energies are staged for opportunity to create and sculpt your life to better support your manifestations of destiny in this lifetime.

Something that has been hiding in disillusionment will be brought to the surface and revealed. What has been hidden..can not be any longer. Be prepared for a transformation in this area. [See what area of life these energies will be influencing/manifesting in your chart house]

A harmonious environment for creative play will lead to a renewal of personal evolution.

In an unbalanced environment, the energies of this new moon will trigger abrupt loss, major shifts and sudden change.

This is a good time to find balance and peaceful meditation so you can utilize these energies in their most beneficial and useful ways. Be flexible, adaptable and available to leap into the unknown.

Intentions for this New Moon:

To bring to light what one needs to shed and release for spiritual and personal growth in this lifetime;

To release what no longer serves you;

To begin seeing yourself in this higher white light vibration. Integration requires visualization;

To visualize and see the positive energies working in your life for the greater good of your personal development in this journey;

To practice stillness and oneness with nature;

To conserve energy and maintain boundaries;

To feel the energies surrounding you and within you;

To bring yourself back into harmonious balance;

And so it is. 

We, as humanity, are moving away from what no longer serves. Less material world influence, more exploration and fulfillment beyond what our current environment offers.

Shifts and energetic calls to rise will pull us towards the universal evolution as we are shedding the old programming and absorbing the new, more useful energies for the good of the Collective. We are witnessing a strong polarity in the world. With this energy, turmoil and angst as oppositions are in force are to be expected. The great cosmic plan will unfold to the greatest good of humanity. 

Rise to the occasion or consciously accept the mundane comfort and the effects of those choices [health, emotional well-being or abundance, love, renewal] that follows choosing the path of ease. Humanity as a whole and on an individual level need to grow, evolve, learn and change. Do not be distracted by the noise surrounding you. Stay focused on your path. Feel your way through the mud and rise above. Do not feel obligated to keep connections that no longer resonate. The path of renewal and great collective shifts into a new way of existing and living - is now.

You are being summoned to one of the great moments of evolution of humanity.

As always, the astrology in our lives serves as a compass and astrological weather forecast of planetary energies.We have sought wisdom and guidance from the stars for ages to maintain balance, evolve and live harmoniously with the Universe. Nothing is fated. We have to do the work to find inner peace and evolve to our fullest potential in each of our lives.

Aspects for this guidance


Sun Conjunct Mars in Scorpio

Moon Conjunct Mars in Scorpio

Sun Conjunct Moon in Scorpio 


Mars in Opposition with Uranus in Taurus

Moon in Opposition with Uranus in Taurus

Sun in Opposition with Uranus in Taurus

Saturn in Opposition with Black Moon Lilith


Pluto Square South Node in Libra - change will come

Love, Light & Infinite Magic,

Lylith Aradia Moon

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