November 27 2023 - Full Moon in Gemini

November 27 2023 01:16am Los Angeles CA

Full Moon in Gemini [mutable air] + ruled by Mercury and Venus

2nd Ray of Love & Wisdom

Chakras: Root

Primal Temptation / Work and Home Life 

Balance / Ex Lovers

Project Opportunities - Full Moon

Completion, Return to the old, reexamination of self-worth through past loves.

On November 27, 2023, 01:16 am pacific, the Full Moon will be settling into the sign of Gemini. During this transit [including a few days before and after] there is a sense of completion in the air and feelings of being driven to tie up loose ends in relation to projects at work, home and with past relationships, ex-lovers and friendships.

The energies of things left incomplete are asking to be severed and cleared now. We are in a space of healing and personal power. Situations that may have been too painful to visit and confront are now ready to be confronted.

Be mindful of your words as Mars is empowered with the Sun during this time. Speak from the heart not from the ego.

This is a perfect astrological setting to release the ties that have bound us to low vibrations, situations and people who are no longer beneficial to our own energies. We are in a time of quick evolution and growth, and these energies are best transmuted now.

A sense of forceful will and desire to clear away all the old will have taken over you by this Full Moon. You may be feeling like you are reassessing your entire life and existence to date - stay focused, centered and calm. Trust your heart and feel your calling. You know what to do, take the leap of faith and trust it is in your divine path on this journey.

Change is inevitable. Be prepared to play a significant role in your own life. Destiny is calling.

With Venus in Opposition of the North Node we may see a shakedown of romantic partnerships. Feelings of self-worth may be examined in the essence of an ex lover; do not be disillusioned. Be cautious at this glimpse into your past, as it is only temporary. Take the lesson and continue on.

A temptation in the workplace may appear - do not be distracted. Stay focused on your future. What is in your best interest for your highest good?  Choose that.

This was only a test - a reminder to see what we are moving away from. What has been, is done. Let it go. Release and transmute. We need to quickly move on from revisiting the past. The present needs our full attention.

Mercury will be Square to Neptune at 24° Pisces during this Full Moon. A sense of romanticism will be driving your focus right now. An overall mystical awareness of oneself and a greater sense of knowing your purpose; what you are being called to complete in your life journey will be on your heart's mind. Follow this lead.

Your intuition is strong, and any intentions will be quick and amplified.

The calling to bring yourself closer to your innate gifts, nature and ancient craft will be heightened. Make time for these divine arts as they are your soul's nourishment and will further progress you into your path of harmony and balance.

Mercury in Sagittarius at 24° will sharpen your thoughts and bring your higher mind into action. Reevaluation of self, philosophical thinking, plans involving family expansion and security will be on the forefront.

A natural and swift progression [known or unknown] of your Soul’s path will be the underlying energies of this Full Moon and beyond. Stay in Love and Peace for the greater good for yourself and your contribution to humanity, the cosmic consciousness for us all.

As always, the astrology in our lives serves as a compass and astrological weather forecast of planetary energies. We have sought wisdom and guidance from the stars for ages to maintain balance, evolve and live harmoniously with the Universe. Nothing is fated. We have to do the work to find inner peace and evolve to our fullest potential in each of our lives.

Love, Light & Infinite Magic,

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Aspects for this guidance

Full Moon in Gemini

Sun in Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius

Saturn in Pisces, Square the Full Moon

Moon in Opposition with Mars

Venus in Opposition with North Node

Venus in Conjunction with South Node

Mars in Conjunction to Sun

Mercury Square Neptune in Pisces

Mercury Trine North Node 

Neptune Square Midheaven

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