Release, Center, Evolve

Now more than ever we are being asked to find our Zen. What connects you to your source of peace, contentment and flow state? You may feel in a space of unknown, angst or uncertainty if you look outward and around you. Shift your perspective and bring your energy inward.

It is now the time to connect with our inner peace and practice mindfulness, stillness and finding the flow state to create, manifest and move our soul onward.

We are not meant to absorb everything around us. Be selfish, slow down. Breathe...You are here for a journey that not everyone will understand and that is okay. Release yourself from commitments you don't feel heart-called to. Allow yourself a moment, or just two seconds to just be. You are loved!

Love, Light & Magic,
Lylith Aradia Moon
-observe, but do not absorb

"What has been will be again, there is nothing new under the sun"
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