November 2023

We, as humanity, are moving away from what no longer serves. Less material world influence, more exploration and fulfillment beyond what our current environment offers.

Shifts and energetic calls to rise will pull us towards the universal evolution as we are shedding the old programming and absorbing the new, more useful energies for the good of the Collective. We are witnessing a strong polarity in the world. With this energy, turmoil and angst as oppositions are in force are to be expected. The great cosmic plan will unfold to the greatest good of humanity. 

Rise to the occasion or consciously accept the mundane comfort and the effects of those choices [health, emotional well-being or abundance, love, renewal] that follows choosing the path of ease. Humanity as a whole and on an individual level need to grow, evolve, learn and change. Do not be distracted by the noise surrounding you. Stay focused on your path. Feel your way through the mud and rise above. Do not feel obligated to keep connections that no longer resonate. The path of renewal and great collective shifts into a new way of existing and living - is now.

You are being summoned to one of the great moments of evolution for humanity.

Lylith Aradia Moon

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