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Lylith Aradia Moon

Tarot Reading by Lylith Aradia Moon: The Wild Unknown 5 Card Spread

Tarot Reading by Lylith Aradia Moon: The Wild Unknown 5 Card Spread

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This offering is for a five-card tarot reading.

In this reading, Lylith Moon will cast 5 cards. She will record a vocal interpretation and her intuitive message of the reading and e-mail it to you in an MP4 audio file, along with a jpg photo of your spread.

Please provide your detailed question or concern, or if you would like an open reading. Be honest, open and available for truth. Lylith Aradia Moon's readings are in depth, clear and positive. She will give you the clarity and guidance on any topic you desire.


Lylith Aradia Moon is an Ancient Healer, Shamaness, Clairvoyant, Energy Worker and Empath..she uses her sacred abilities along with the powerful gems of earth, astrology and Tarot to guide and assist you with seeing and feeling what may be deceiving you at this moment in your life. Her focus is on creating a clearer perspective for you, allowing you to “see” what she sees and feels, resulting in an increased feeling of self-confidence, balance in life and guidance on your ultimate path.

Remove the fear, indecisiveness, the unknown and stress that may be bearing on your mind, body and spirit and book a reading with Lylith Moon today.

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