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Lylith Aradia Moon

Personal Astrology Reading - Love, Romance, Marriage + Compatibility

Personal Astrology Reading - Love, Romance, Marriage + Compatibility

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 - Love, Marriage + Compatibility 

Personal Astrology Reading by: Lylith Aradia Moon

Requirements: Date of birth, including time and place. 

This service combines astrological knowledge of planets, signs and rayology, with intuitive readings based on the planetary alignments at your time of birth. The purpose of this reading is to offer insight and guidance to your love life, potential marriage or romantic partnership and what qualities this person may have in this lifetime. 

Each reading is preceded by a client questionnaire that will be provided to you prior to the service, to highlight your most pressing concerns. 

(Questionnaire not required, but recommended)


 [In completion of this astrological service offering, Lylith Aradia Moon will provide the following information for you:

  1. She will determine your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. Knowing these placements in your chart will offer clarity on your persona, comfort zones and what transformative self-exploration you can expect on this journey. 
  2. Cast 3 tarot cards: Self Love, External Love and What needs to be done.
  3. She will analyze and interpret intuitive connections, including all major aspects in your chart.
  4. She will determine your Saturn placement. Knowing where Saturn resides in your personal chart - which house, is it a friend or foe?  Knowing these details will offer insight on how to handle the changing cycles of this planet. Knowing which house Saturn is in, in your chart, will offer insight into what area of your life is most affected. Saturn represents your shadow aspect. It is important to heal any shadow aspects of ourselves before pursuit of Soul Mate/True Love. Heal yourself first, Love thyself..first!
  5. She will determine your Lunar Nodes, both North and South. Where area of life can your soulmate possibly be found? What is keeping you from finding a fulfilling partner in this lifetime?
  6. She will determine your Chiron placement. We will examine this area of your chart to make sure we are not seeking someone to ‘fix us’, The Wounded Healer.
  7. She will determine your Venus placement.
  8. She will analyze your seventh house to offer insight into what type of person your soulmate is. 
  9. She will read your previously pulled cards in relation to newly discovered chart information. 
  10. She will examine any polarities and all major aspects working in your favor and shed light on any challenging areas to work though. 

Upon completion of this service, Lylith Aradia Moon will provide you with insight into your birth chart in a way that is easy to understand, intuitive readings and advice on what may need to be looked at and healed, presently, in your life, in order to naturally attract a soulmate in this lifetime. If you are struggling with lonliness, isolation, emptiness in love and pain in the heart, this reading will offer insight into what is at the core of these feelings. The goal of this reading is to reignite hope in your heart and soul for finding a soulmate connection in this lifetime, within yourself and someone else.

Do you have enough love for self? What kind of external love are you seeking? Are there any loose ends that need your attention, whether from childhood or past lives before you are ready to find true love?

What work needs to be done in order to prepare yourself for the ‘one’? Let us explore together.

You will receive, via e-mail, your complete birth chart photo. You will receive a PDF document that includes a photo of your card spread, your detailed reading, written by Lylith Aradia Moon, including all symbology she received during your intuitive astrological reading. You will receive answers to all the points listed above, in a very clear and easy to understand format.

You will have an opportunity to reply and ask her up to three direct questions relating directly to your report and reading received. 

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