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Lylith Aradia Moon

Personal Natal Chart + Sun, Moon & Rising Sign

Personal Natal Chart + Sun, Moon & Rising Sign

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- Personal Natal Chart + Sun, Moon & Rising Sign Reading by Lylith Aradia Moon

Requirements: Date of birth, including time and place. 

This service combines astrological knowledge of planets, signs and rayology, with intuitive readings based on the planetary alignments at your time of birth.  The purpose of this reading is to offer insight + guidance to your soul purpose, including personality, identity and destiny insights. This service utilizes traditional and esoteric ancient astrology to offer insight into your personal ‘blueprint’. 

Upon completion of this astrological service offering, Lylith Aradia Moon will provide the following information for you:

 She will determine your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. Knowing these placements in your chart will offer clarity on your persona, comfort zones and what you should be striving for on this journey to experience a more fulfilling life and live more in line with your soul's path.

Lylith Aradia Moon will provide you with insight into your birth chart in a way that is easy to understand. This is a very basic service offering that will offer a quick glimpse into your personal blueprint.  The goal of this reading is to reignite a passion for your own life. To reconnect you with your deeper purpose of being here. To allow yourself to get to know yourself - on a deeper more meaningful level.

You will receive, via e-mail, your complete birth chart photo. You will receive a PDF document that includes your detailed reading, written by Lylith Aradia Moon, including all symbology she received during your intuitive astrological reading. You will receive answers to all the points listed above, in a very clear and easy to understand format.

You will have an opportunity to reply and ask her up to three direct questions relating directly to your report and reading received.

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